Let Our Kennewick Hotel Staff Cater Your Event

Do you need an event catered? Need a staff of professionals to handle your event and make it a raging success and a memorable experience for your guests?

Watch This Catered Wedding Event

Now you can have our catering and banquet staff prepare your business meeting, a banquet, your wedding reception or an outdoor BBQ. We have full facilities and meeting areas to handle your every need and desire.

Watch Our Chef Prepare A Catered Lunch Event

If you prefer, we can cater your off property event also. We have catered off property events for up to 2,000 people without a hitch.

With a spectacular setting on the Columbia River, we provide not just the best food in town, but also an atmosphere your will find no where else.

When you need catering, call the Kennewick Hotel that can put it’s professional catering staff to work for you. The Clover Island Inn.

Need an event catered or more information about our catering services? Call our Catering Director, Ms. Amber Martin at (509)586-0542 or e-mail her at CSM@CloverIslandInn.com.


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